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Model boats are produced to simulate 99% of real boats. With a variety of designs from: antique boat, traditional boat, modern ship, resort yacht, warship, cargo ship,…

  • Beautiful, sharp, meticulous design and diverse, contributing to increasing the aesthetics of the exhibition space.

  • As a high-class interior decoration product, high value, worthy, helping to show the class of the merchants, elites and successful business people.

  • Each model sailboat is a gift with great feng shui meaning, because the sailboat carries the symbol of “smooth sailing”, helping its owner to always be convenient and smooth in work and life that similar to a boat is always strong to face the waves and successfully.

Feedback Customer

“We have received the boat! It’s fabulous, in great condition and came so fast. We were surprised we received it so soon. You do a wonderful job.

Đối Tác Mô Hình Thuyền

William Geraths


“Hello. Many thanks. The boats arrived safely yesterday. They are splendid. They were completely undamaged. Your packers did a tremendous job. Please thank them from me.”

Đối Tác Mô Hình Thuyền



What kind of money is it, I’m very happy with the boat model that I put. After receiving the goods, the product is carefully framed in a wooden frame,

Đối Tác Mô Hình Thuyền



Take out the goods and hold them very heavy, just like the picture I saw. Overall, I’m happy, I’ll be more supportive if I have the opportunity.

Đối Tác Mô Hình Thuyền

Lisa Wilken


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